Sunday, June 6, 2010

Horoscopes Monkey Trial: Your week 7 - 13 June 2010

7 - 13 JUNE 2010


ARIES: You will find it difficult to sleep without the aid of a lullaby. Hold your breath until you turn blue this week. Then join the Blue Man Group.

TAURUS: The Taurus with a thirst for knowledge can expect humidity and a high of 25 degrees on Wednesday. Untold horrors will rain down upon all those who misspell the word 'barbecue'.

GEMINI: Look both ways before crossing the street, and look up too, just to be sure. This week will bring you great riches, or great Richie Rich comics.

CANCER: You'll find a secret under your pillow, in exchange for a tooth. Choose a molar. Some girls are bigger than others, and some girls' wristwatches are bigger than other girls' wristwatches.

LEO: This week you will easily overcome any obstacles in your way, especially toddlers. Avoid questions with the word 'how' in them.

VIRGO: You'll fall madly in love with a Gemini this week, only to find that the object of your desires has a crippling addiction to pancakes. Stop looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses. Try lavender instead.

LIBRA: Stop whistling while you work. Everyone hates that. There's nothing in life a cup of coffee can't solve.

SCORPIO: This week will likely consist of seven full stretches of 24 hours each. Use a little elbow grease, and then get disgusted at the mental image of 'elbow grease'.

SAGITTARIUS: Try to budget yourself this week. Don't spend too much money on peanut butter or raisins. Start a new fashion trend by wearing hospital scrubs all day long.

CAPRICORN: If you decide to pursue a career singing quasi-operatic rock music, refrain from naming yourself after a luncheon meat. Keep pet squirrels.

AQUARIUS: If a mirror attempts to tell you who is fairest, just don't listen. You have too much time on your hands this week. Play hopscotch.

PISCES: You might find yourself this week grappling with a difficult decision. A grappling hook should help. You need to think more carefully about your reasons for wearing pants.


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